Fruits and Cigarettes


Not So Trivial Living

β€œDidi, aap ek number dikhte ho!” She is Saloni. Convivial, shy, and downright pretty. I was scrutinising the area when I spotted her gawking at me. I returned her gracious smile and asked if she would like to chitter-chatter with me. Voila! She said yes… I spoke with her mother in their beautiful hut.

I can’t exaggerate the meet.

Gentle and Fierce

Day 1- Shailaputri

Goddess Durga is the ne plus ultra of everything positive, ferocious, and generous. Her profound power (in the form of mantras and incantations) contains you but is uncontainable. A plethora of people know about the Navdurga but the apprehension is rough around the edges. Navdurga, the nine Goddesses of Navratri is the manifestation of Durga in nine different forms and are mentioned in the Durga Saptashati and Devi Mahatmya. So, I, a mythology junkie, will be posting illustrations that will help you understand this beautiful goddess’ forms and tremendous oomph. Navratri or not- she is omnipresent. Happy reading, lovely followers πŸ’– @nnuggets This is fabulous. πŸ’«